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“Lisa helps people live their lives inside out.”

– Mike Kim, WSJ best-selling author of You Are the Brand
“I didn’t know what to expect from Human Design. After my session, I’ve had so many insights and clarity. It’s empowering to know who I am and what works best for me to create the life I want. I have the direction to say ‘yes’ to opportunities which are already showing signs for returns and potential growth.” 
Duwayne L.
Masculine Architect
“I went from uncertainty to a clear direction with momentum. I show up confidently everywhere I go – in my visual brand, my website, sales calls and with clients. Working with Lisa has been a full transformation and boost to my business.” 
Doree O.
Transformational Life Coach
“Lisa helped me to see how I could best spend time in my business in relation to the context of what I did. 

She also gave me insights so I can now identify the type of people I want to work with to make it a successful experience for both of us.  
Jason F.
Award-winning Executive Coach, International Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator