I'm Lisa. I believe everyone has a story worth telling!

As both a professional communicator and podcaster, I know how important it is to have the right type of guest to create a successful show. I love all things podcasting. Be sure to listen to the short video below to hear why!

I have been featured on a number of podcasts including Brand You with Mike Kim, The Capitalist Sage, Business Growth Insiders and The Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader.

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Let’s have some real conversations to ignite new thoughts and perspectives for your audience.

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Possible Topics

  • The Difference Is You Framework ™
    Shine your light and leave your legacy in the world by discovering what makes you uniquely qualified to do the work you love.

  • The 3 Compelling Stories Your Business Needs You to Tell.
    Build meaningful relationships, attract valuable resources, and grow revenue with the right stories.

  • Your Success Is In Your Mess.
    Flip the script on how to move forward when things don’t go according to plan.

  • Capturing the Hearts and Minds of Your Customers.
    Focus your energy on the people you need to grow your business.

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Lisa McGuire is a business growth consultant, business storyteller, podcaster, and award-winning communicator. Lisa’s love for knowledge led her to start her career in education and she went on to become one of the founders of a $18M startup. When Lisa realized her gifts no longer fit into someone else’s script, she took the leap to launch her own business in 2018. She helps coaches, consultants, and professional service-providers differentiate by integrating who they are into their business through strategy and storytelling.

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