The saying “iron sharpens iron” encourages us to surround ourselves in a community that makes us stronger. I believe we push ourselves more when we stay close to the fire of growth-minded people.

Being selective about who we put in our lives shows up in the same bits of wisdom we hear in advice such as “You are known by the company you keep.” Or “Surround yourself with people who are a step ahead of you.”

Search for Growth-Minded People
How do you find these growth-minded people is the question? Growth-minded people are life-long learners. They have an intentional curiosity. They ask interesting questions that make you think. They are insatiable readers and content consumers.

Growth-minded people often gather around the purpose of an idea or initiative. They enjoy brainstorming and the collective consciousness that surfaces. They want to accomplish something meaningful.

We choose our communities, or they choose us. I have my family, my clients, my networking friends, a mastermind group, and my professional colleagues of StoryBrand Guides. Each of these groups makes me a better version of myself. I’ve recently added a new community as I wrapped up my Business Made Simple Coaching certification.

Why We Need Business Coaches

Why would I become trained as a business coach when I’m already helping business owners with marketing strategy and sales funnels execution?

It’s the direction the world is going.

Now, more than ever, business owners need to be constantly learning to keep up with the rapidly changing and disrupted landscape. It’s a time when they need experts to help point them in the right direction.

Almost every business needs marketing. As a business coach, I’ve noticed the amount of marketing they need is directly connected to what’s going on in the rest of their business. When the internal parts of the business aren’t where they need to be, it impacts your ability to attract and keep customers.

The best performers in the world will tell you they couldn’t do what they do without having a coach, someone who is on the outside to help them see the way.

I have formalized what I’ve been doing all along – helping business owners grow the company they were called to build. Now I can leverage the strength of my expanded professional community to connect even more solutions.

Who do you have in your circles that inspires you to grow? How did you find them?

Working on your business is just as important as working in your business.

Your Jumpstart Question
What are you doing this week to move your business forward?

If you want to know how your business is doing, there’s a way to find out. Take this Business MRI to discover the areas where your business is succeeding and where there is an opportunity to grow